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Guest Blogger - Brian

It won't let me's my response to post for me. Please don't
change it:

I vote NO as well...because I love my Mother-in-Law and I want NO themes
or costumes, ever...forever. On another topic, and more importantly, I
would like to introduce the following list of "events" or "things that
Brian will win at" list:
1. Risk
2. Uno or some other card game
3. Speed Scrabble
4. Chutes and ladders, or some other childrens game of Jason's choice.
5. Mud wrestling. Andrew vs. Jason (I am giving myself a "bye" on this
event, since I'm the coordinator.
6. 25 mile impromtu hike on the whim of an offhanded comment about
running or hiking...Mark vs. himself (another bye - I will judge this
7. Some sort of Wii game (suggestions?)
8. And...drumroll please, introducing the newest iPhone App
game of some sort...I recommend Flight Control

NOTE: There will be no visits to "Irish" pubs during this trip as a
general rule.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Monkey Kind of Day

(the above picture is another shameless plug for more crafty clothes by MO for Myra - too cute...or did you sell the sewing machine in a garage sale??)

Lazy monkeys...sometimes I don't know why we even bring them. They just sleep and make me carry them everywhere...good for nothing.

All three prefer to swing belly down...??

Family picture by Noah including the monkeys or new children...I was not really sure when he was explaining. Pretty good drawing and I'm super happy to see the straight lines and circles...this was a concept from school this week.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Late Entry for Jamboree Theme.....

Hot off the presses and just in time (23 days left to vote), here is an option to add to the list of Jamboree themes.....

Let's put the NO back in Innovation!

Just think about the fun things that could be associated with this option....
just putting it out there.....
just a thought....
no need to get hung up on the details. Just put the no back in innovation.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jamboree Theme Finalists

People 9 months and counting!! Can you believe it? Don't forget to cast you vote A.S.A.P. or you might end up dressed like a Mexican Wrestler by default...and the finalist are....

Mexican Wrestlers and Bellas

Paseo (I think this is translated into the formal procession during a Spanish Bull Fight)

Pirates that just show up and eat
Must wear flattering clothes all the time

Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Reveal

Tummy Name for #3 - Umut (Turkish) Hope.

Shout out to Coco for all the research and creativity! Where would we be without you? Somewhere way less interesting for sure.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jamboree '10 Theme

Folks - It's time to pick a theme for Jamboree '10. We are just about 8 months out and the planning is kicking into full gear or high swing...whatever.

Over the next 15 days the blog will be open for you to post your best and brightest ideas. If no one posts than I will have total control over the theme and all matching outfits (really it is in your best interest to post other ideas).

So - here is my best and brightest... Mexican Wrestlers and Mujeres Bellas
I can't wait to see Brian, Jason, Coco and AJ in wrestling outfits!!! It will make for some AWESOME family pics not to mention Christmas cards :)

I also think the women will look quite lovely in coordinating shirts like the one above...we will not have to wear wigs, but you can if you want to.

We can make or buy cute things like this Obama loving one above to remember the Jamboree by! Or below are some really great alternatives -

The food will natural match the theme and I think everyone will be happy in the food department!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The monkeys are adjusting to the new environment quite well. They pretty much have the run of the place, but help keep things clean too. They like cheese crackers and grapes or oranges for snack time...I know what your thinking, and monkeys don't like banana's all the time!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beer with Breakfast

We had to go to Walmart early this morning to get eggs for breakfast. Manny insisted that we get some rootbeer to quaff with breakfast. So we had Beer(even if it was the root kind) with our breakfast this morning.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Maurice enters the picture and exits stage left....

After Coco and Andrew visited California, we picked up a hitchhiker in Modesto who said he needed a place to stay for a little while....He said that life in the farm country of Northern California was a little too slow for him.
Well, Maurice was a little too annoying on the ride, if you ask me. He sings tavern songs. or song. You can really only tolerate 99 bottles of root beer on the wall so many times. after 10 straight hours i was thankful that he fell asleep.
Things didn't get much better once we got to the house. It was time for a garage sale, and he was buying everything the neighbors put out. the Garage is full of junk and where is Maurice??? On his way to Ireland to learn new tavern songs....Good Grief!
OBTW Root beer and banana farts are gross.

Save the Date part II

My last post reminded me of another funny family picture that I just have to bring up again...I mean does it get any funnier? Poor Tyler and Myra. They still have no idea what they will be subjected to at this fab party. Tyler was sort of there last time only it was really Allissa in my opinion.

Save The Date

My Family from

May 20 - 25, 2010

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Monkey Business

Let's get down to business and do a better job keeping in touch....all those ready to join say Monk!