Thursday, September 3, 2009

Guest Blogger - Brian

It won't let me's my response to post for me. Please don't
change it:

I vote NO as well...because I love my Mother-in-Law and I want NO themes
or costumes, ever...forever. On another topic, and more importantly, I
would like to introduce the following list of "events" or "things that
Brian will win at" list:
1. Risk
2. Uno or some other card game
3. Speed Scrabble
4. Chutes and ladders, or some other childrens game of Jason's choice.
5. Mud wrestling. Andrew vs. Jason (I am giving myself a "bye" on this
event, since I'm the coordinator.
6. 25 mile impromtu hike on the whim of an offhanded comment about
running or hiking...Mark vs. himself (another bye - I will judge this
7. Some sort of Wii game (suggestions?)
8. And...drumroll please, introducing the newest iPhone App
game of some sort...I recommend Flight Control

NOTE: There will be no visits to "Irish" pubs during this trip as a
general rule.


  1. LOL. I just want to know why it is only boys involved in the competitions?...Pete

  2. Quick point. Speed Scrabble. You can play Speed Scrabble Online. Good practice :)

    LOL @ mud wrestling. And Mark vs Mark. Ha.