Friday, July 24, 2009

Maurice enters the picture and exits stage left....

After Coco and Andrew visited California, we picked up a hitchhiker in Modesto who said he needed a place to stay for a little while....He said that life in the farm country of Northern California was a little too slow for him.
Well, Maurice was a little too annoying on the ride, if you ask me. He sings tavern songs. or song. You can really only tolerate 99 bottles of root beer on the wall so many times. after 10 straight hours i was thankful that he fell asleep.
Things didn't get much better once we got to the house. It was time for a garage sale, and he was buying everything the neighbors put out. the Garage is full of junk and where is Maurice??? On his way to Ireland to learn new tavern songs....Good Grief!
OBTW Root beer and banana farts are gross.

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  1. Maybe Maurice will be back for Jamboree '10 with new songs to teach us??? Thanks for posting