Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jamboree '10 Theme

Folks - It's time to pick a theme for Jamboree '10. We are just about 8 months out and the planning is kicking into full gear or high swing...whatever.

Over the next 15 days the blog will be open for you to post your best and brightest ideas. If no one posts than I will have total control over the theme and all matching outfits (really it is in your best interest to post other ideas).

So - here is my best and brightest... Mexican Wrestlers and Mujeres Bellas
I can't wait to see Brian, Jason, Coco and AJ in wrestling outfits!!! It will make for some AWESOME family pics not to mention Christmas cards :)

I also think the women will look quite lovely in coordinating shirts like the one above...we will not have to wear wigs, but you can if you want to.

We can make or buy cute things like this Obama loving one above to remember the Jamboree by! Or below are some really great alternatives -

The food will natural match the theme and I think everyone will be happy in the food department!


  1. The food, yes. The clothing, no. I'm tired of unflattering outfits.

  2. My big idea is Paseo in Santa Feo. Free walking tours combined with picnics and grazing with the purpose of enriching our understanding of the culture and history of the area. No outfits required. I did hear some chatter on the monkey tree that Manny wants a bolo tie.


  3. um, can't we just show up, eat food, and find buried treasure? maybe we could pull up alongside another car on the highway and blast them with our cannons. yar!

  4. Ok here's my vote...Jeans, or jean skirts, cowboy boots, and bolo ties...a cowboy theme for a cowboy town. It will make some really cute pictures and give Meme another opportunity to wear her cute boots that we haven't seen since Jamboree '07.